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Narrow Gauge Train Dealer - Custom Work Shop HOn3
Developing Laser Cut Kits for HOn3 .. 2000-2018
Tools-Specialty ................  -  For re-motor, axle, gear work, and scratch building.

Drill - Tap - For HOn3 Couplers - 4 IN STOCK! 
Item Kadee-780            More Info... us$6.95
Item Aligner 31-4            More Info... us$9.95
Chopper 1 "The Original Chopper" ... 2 IN STOCK 
Item NWSL-49-4            More Info... us$29.95
Chopper 2 Cutter for Wood & Styrene - For Scratchbuilders & Kitbashers! - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item NWSL-69-4            More Info... us$42.77
Chopper 3 for those longer cutting jobs - SPECIAL ORDER NOW!  On Sale
Item NWSL-59-4            More Info... us$37.95
Dupli-cutter II - accepts up to 8" wide sheets - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item NWSL-62-4            More Info... us$39.95
Razor Blades 10 each for Chopper Cutters - IN STOCK! 
Item RB-9            More Info... us$1.99
Sensipress - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item Sensipress            More Info... us$129.95
SPECIAL - FREE SHIP WITH PURCHASE ANY OTHER ITEM ... Hobby Knife - Testors - Knife & 5 Spare Blades! .. SPECIAL SHIPPING! 
Item 8830A            More Info... us$5.34
The Puller - HOn3 - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item NWSL-45-4            More Info... us$21.80
The Quarterer - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item NWSL-44-4            More Info... us$35.97
The True Sander - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item NWSL-57-4            More Info... us$37.77