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Rolling Stock-Labelle Kits HOn3   -  15% OFF OF RETAIL - ITEMS "IN-STOCK" ONLY LABELLE KITS ONLY ...

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All Wood Kits HOn3 - These are very nice quality wooden kits

No Trucks Included - Trucks are available on this site under Trucks-Couplers Tab

Decals are included in all kits EXCEPT Lab-20 through Lab-25

Use the "Decals" tab to purchase any Remaining Labelle Decals

Any others ship 2-3 days

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Baggage Car - Denver & Rio Grande Western - HOn3 - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Lab-22            More Info... us$37.32
Box Car - Colorado & Southern Early - HOn3 - 2 IN STOCK! 
Item Lab-110            More Info... us$23.95
Box Car - Colorado & Southern St. Charles - HOn3 - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item Lab-111            More Info... us$19.75
Box Car - Colorado and North-Western - HOn3 - 3 IN STOCK! 
Item Lab-114            More Info... us$23.75
Box Car - Denver & Rio Grande Western - HOn3 - 3 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Lab-118            More Info... us$22.56
Coach End Beam Set - Brass - DRGW Passenger Cars - HOn3 - Place you order! - 5 Sets IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item 3010            More Info... us$19.99
Combine - Denver & Rio Grande Western - HOn3 - 3 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Lab-21            More Info... us$37.37
Gondola - Colorado & Southern - HOn3 - 4 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Lab-139            More Info... us$24.66
Gondola - Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf - HOn3 - 2 IN STOCK  On Sale
Item Lab-138            More Info... us$24.66
Reefer - Colorado & Southern RR - HOn3 - 3 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Lab-117            More Info... us$22.75