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We Also Take Trades!      
We Take HOn3 Trades for HOn3 Locomotives

"We Trade Precison Scale, Blackstone, Westside, PFM, Balboa Locos! ...We will consider Running or Non Running Locos! Email Us!"

Where else can you trade in your HOn3 Locomotive?

We will consider your Locomotive - send photos of it!

Describe condition - Wheel wear, running condition, Features that give your locomotive value

Let us know what you would like to trade it in on.

Please note that we do trades on Blackstone Locomotives - will also consider Precision Scale Locomotives, and other manufacturers as well.

**We continue to accept BRASS Trades.**

Typical HOn3 Brass that we would consider would be K27 - K36 - K37 - 4-6-0 - C16 - C19 - Precision Scale - Balboa - Blackstone - PFM - Westside - Passenger Cars or sets - Caboose Brass - Much More!

Questions - Call or Email us at sales@NarrowGaugeColorado.com

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