Tsunami 2 1-Amp Steam Locomotive - SoundTraxx - Decoder - Version - TSU2-1100 - ON ORDER!

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TSU-1100 Tsunami-2 1 amp Full Sound decoder for "Steam Locos" 

1 Amp rated - Motor Stall Current

Function Current: 100mA each

1 Watt, 8 ohm load

DCC Track Voltage 7.5V - 22V 

50+ Sound Effects, 10 Exhaust chuffs, snifter, valve Packing, Power reverse, Johnson Bar, 60+ Whistles, 12 Bells, 10 Airpumps, 8 Dynamos, 3 Couplers, Cylinder Cocks, Water Stop, brakes, Blowdown, Rod Clank, Firement Fred and more.
Decoder Features

NMRA DCC Standards & RPs

28 Function support

Flex-Map Function Mapping

High Quality 16-Bit Sound

Hyperdrive2 Advanced Motor Control

Standard, 3-Pint and User-Loadable Speed Curves

7-Band Equalizer

Functioning Engine, Train Brakes