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Do you need Repair Work on your Locomotive?

We Take Trades on HOn3 Locomotives

NGC Custom Repairs and Custom Paints Your Locos and Special Projects - Contact Us

Do you own a Loco that needs Service?

Is there a Locomotive you are looking for .. We can help!

We have Brass Locomotives In Stock for Special Builds.

We will consider your Trading your Locomotive - Even a Non-running Locomotive - send photos of it for us to view.

Describe condition - Wheel wear, running condition, Features that give your Locomotive value .. Send a couple Photos to us by Email

Let us know what you would like

Please note that we do trades on Blackstone Locomotives - will also consider Precision Scale Locomotives, and other Brass manufacturers as well.

**We continue to accept BRASS Trades on the following**

Typical HOn3 Brass that we would consider would be K27 - K36 - K37 - 2-6-0 4-6-0 - 2-8-0 C16 - C19 - Precision Scale - Balboa - Blackstone - Westside - Some Key Locos - Passenger Cars or sets - Caboose Brass - Much More!

Questions - Call or Email us at

We Service Precision Scale, Blackstone, Westside, PFM, Balboa Locos and More

Below are Just a Sampling of Custom Paint Work and Builds done by NGC !

We will consider Running or Non Running Locos! Email Us!