Throttle - CAB04p Intermediate Cab w/potentiometer speed knob

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Feature esy selection of locos/consists, single button operation of all decoder functions, momentary HORN button.

Selection and control if individual or entire routes through turnouts (via the Macro key) and the unique OPTION button that can be programmed to act as any button you wish.

The CAB04 uses a more conventional knob for speed control and is available with either a potentiometer(CAB04p) or digital encoder (CAB04e).

Both varieties of of the CAB04 can be set to YARD mode. Yard mode makes the speed knob act as a "center off" speed control.

Turn the knob to the right and the loco will increase speed in the forward direction.

Turn it to the left and speed will decrease until it gets to zero then it will start to increase speed in the reverse direction the farther you turn it to the left.
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