DCC - NCE Power Cabs! - Control Your Layout Using DCC Power in Your Hand!

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DCC 2 Amp - Complete System - Power Cabs - Both Tethered and Non Tethered versions have been rising in Popularity all year.

Many People are making the Switch to DCC Power!

Allow you to hear DCC Sound from your DCC Locomotive.

DCC Power allows the operator to control Locomotives at the same time - Each Locomotive traveling a different direction and speed.

DCC Power Cabs allow you to operate Locomotives in close Proximity. Even go nose to nose - Not to mention double head your Locomotives. Simply tell the Cab unit to create a consist - list which loco is leading and which is trailing.

This capability is possible on both the NCE Power Cab 2 Amp starter system and Radio Control Cabs.

Fairly easy to Transform your Current Layout to DCC.

For those who have questions - Please Call and Ask for Craig.
Purchasing a DCC Power Cab starter set will cost about $189.00 with Freight. This is a Tethered Walk Around Version with enough Power to Run 4 Locomotives.

Radio Control Versions will Cost $600.00 with Power Supply. Radio Control allows you to operate without any cord. It is Wireless control. Especially nice if you have a lot of people watching you run your layout at the same time.

Remember that both of these Cab versions have the very same capability of Locomotive control - whether is is the Tethered Power Cab starter system or the Radio Control Cab system.

Radio Control Versions Also Available!