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Package Suite Includes the following:

Model Builder - build your own buildings - With this Model Builder CD, you can print metal, rusted metal, bricks, blocks, wood, many different style siding, even custom choose color for your siding, cement, different roofing, corrugated roofing, tiles , stone, windows, doors, trim, lattice, store front, horizontal and vertical trim, utilities, and more!

The Advertiser - make your own advertising and print them out on decal papers. Also print out on Vellum and Transparency. Check this store for availability of this printable stock.

Window Designer - Design your window details - Shades - Curtins - Shadows - etc.

Layer Window Treatments and artwork to make your store-fronts by adding text you type, with any Font on your computer. There is a Zoom Option for smaller scales.

When you are ready, you can print your finished designs onto Transparency Paper.

Transparency Papers can be purchased at any office supply store.

This package includes 2 sheets to get you started.

Make all your buildings unique!
Window Designer Provides a variety of tools to make it easy to add Window Treatments to any window of buildings or passenger train car!

Print out Window Treatments, Graphics, Silhouettes, and art Work in Any Scale!

You can print a Shade and Silhouette of a person on Vellum and use for passenger cars!

Templates are provided for many model buildings, or easily lay out your own Building Window arrangements in the layout screen. The Layout Screen lets you create groups of multiple windows to quickly build a large building's template with many floors to single level.

The Design Screen is where you add your selected designs. Add Select from Palettes of Window Treatments, artwork, Silhouettes, and Colors. Window Treatments snap into Windows. Import additional Artwork from clipart programs or other sources.

Toolkit "Lite" - Includes Model Builder!