Switch Stand - Brass - D&RG - Precision Scale - 5 per package - ON ORDER

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Brass Switch Stands -  (Package of 5 each)

For Scenic Detail

These can be used to manually control a stub switch or as an indicator for switch machines.

Kit contains: 2 half Sections of Stand

1 Arm

1 brass wire .020 x 2 1/2"

1 brass wire .025 x 1/4"
Assembly Instructions:

Cut the half-sections off the Sprue leaving mounting studs on two sections. Trim studs off flush on remaining sections.

Cement one of each section together using styrene cement.

Position arm in stand, then push in wire "pivot pin"

Use the long wire for a simulated throw rod.

Target should be painted red or yellow. Other parts paint Black.

Harp Stands for HOn3 - DRGW