INFORMATION PAGE - High Side Gondolas - Blackstone Models

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Construction: Combination of plastic and die-cast parts to create a weighted and balanced car.

Various Road Numbers feature the three popular DRGW heralds as shown in Photos.

Four High Side Gondola Road Numbers 1133 - 1267 - 1258 - 1300

All Road Numbers are Now Available Weathered and Non-Weathered.
Between 1898 and 1906 - the DRGW purchased approx 1300 narrow gauge gondolas from American Car and Foundry. Cars replaced an array of well used and worn out gondolas and became the mainstay of the railroad's gondola fleet towards the end of operations. These cars often hauled Coal, limestone, precious minerals, pipe, maintenance equipment and an array of other commodities.

Represent cars after the Early 1920's rebuild and will be equipped with the cast "economy" draft gear design - varying paint shades and unique detail Weathered and Non-Weathered versions.