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Available in Flat and Gloss Finish - Tru-Color Paints are designed to dry glossy for easier decal application. FLATfinish Colors are clearly marked.

Tru-Color Paint is a solvent based paint that uses an acrylic polymer as the bonding agent to the model. It is neither an enamel nor a Lacquer. Therefore it is unique among paint types.

TCP-171 & TCP-176 are selected new products to be released in 2014 to dry flat for weathering / aging your models.

Clean-Up of the air brush equipment is best achieved with acetone - unscented nail polish remover. It dries quickly and work well on Tru-Color Paint.

Recommend TCP-15 Thinner, if thinning is required as this will not interfere with the drying time nor effect the gloss finish that Tru-Color Paint is itended to give.

It is designed specifically for the model industry and is air-brush ready directly from the bottle (according to Manufacturer). I have found it necessary to thin using the recommended Thinner above.

Recommend that Air-Brush air pressure be 28-35 PSI on the Air-Brush to give optimum coverage.

Tru-Color Paint adheres equally well to plastic or brass surfaces, when properly prepared (when cleaned & primed).

Tru-Color Paint Products are made in the U.S.A. !