Old Placerville Warehouse - Complete Laser Kit - NO BACK ORDERS - NO STOCK!

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NGC is offering a Laser Cut Kit - HO Scale to replicate the "Placerville Warehouse" in Old Placerville Colorado. 

All interior Truss Detail is included and shown in this photo. The Prototype of this building had metal siding so we have Included Laser Cut Siding for all exterior walls and roofing.

Directions to install siding is simple. The Laser Cut Siding is 1 piece for each exterior wall. Simply use 3M spray adhesive and lay the siding onto structure wall and adjust while wet.

Doors can be mounted inside or on the outside using weathered track rail.
Tabs are cut into each wall so that they are easy to assemble. Photo shows exterior walls assembled with laser cut siding applied.


At his point in construction you would want to airbrush the siding to resemble a metal tin siding which is prototype for this structure. Note that the siding has been installed in this photo.


Detail on the Siding is True HO Scale and beautiful looking and even more so after airbrushing them by simply using an old silver floquil or PBL solvent paint.

Trusses are spaced so that Interior Detail can be viewed in this building.

Sold here by Narrow Gauge Colorado Inc.

Placerville Warehouse Kit - Complete with Laser Siding & Parts!