Water Tank DRGW Octagon Roof Included as shown in lower line drawing - HOn3 Kit - Purchase 1 more Item Get $5.00 Refunded - 4 LEFT IN STOCK!

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DRGW Water Tank - Octagonal Roof Included as shown in line drawing at bottom - HOn3 kit

The Tank is Pre-Assembled individual wood boards

Many detail parts

Tremendous detail in this kit!

First photo show DRGW Water Tank kit with Trout Creek roof (RGS Roof)

Second picture shows line drawing of DRGWwater tank roof with Octagon Roof - included in this kit!

To build the Trout creek RGS prototype water tank - order the Trout Creek Water Tank kit instead.
Above is Trout Creek Version - Round Roof

Below is DRGW Version - Octagonal Roof

DRGW Water Tank