We Purchase HOn3 Collections, Running and Non-Running Locomotive (s) - HOn3 - Also can work with you on a Trade - We Buy Collections of RTR, Kits, Locomotives, Please Send Us a List of Your Items!

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If you are changing Scales or have an excess of HOn3 kits, RTR, Locos, NG Structures - Contact Us! Email us with a list of Items - we often purchase all items!

We are interested in purchasing your locomotive - especially steam - will consider K-27, K-28, K-36, K-37, RGS #20 2-6-0, C-19, C16, C21, some Precision Scale, PFM, United, Balboa and others! 

For consideration email photo to us with description - running condition - wheel wear - gear wear - details that give your locomotive value.

**We also purchase non-running locomotives. I have Customers that want the Locomotive you have in your closet! We find that many people have excess Locomotives in their Collections. We have customers always asking for a Specific Locomotive. Selling a Loco from your Collection allows you the money to purchase that item you have been waiting for.

If you are considering ordering a Blackstone Locomotive, check out what we will offer on your locomotive as trade! It might just help you get the locomotive that you would like to buy.

Here's a chance to sell that Locomotive!