NCE - DCC Power Cab - Complete 2 Amp - w/110v/240 VAC power supply included - Tethered with Cord - 2 IN STOCK!

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An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand!

Complete Instructions how to change over your layout to DCC!

This 2 amp system can operate four HO/HOn3 sized locomotives, or four N scale locomotives

Double Head Locomotives with a few key strokes! Double Head with 128/28 speed steps!

The Power Cab provides all the capability and ease of use that you've heard about in our Power Pro System at an entry level price.

Installation is a snap

If the Turnouts on your layout are "Power Routed" all you will need to do is hook up to your Power Bus "Black & Red Wire."

You are off and running your favorite DCC Locomotive on your layout!

Yes - It includes its own power supply 110V/240V

If you decide to upgrade - you can use all the component parts for your "Test Track."
"An Entire 2 Amp DCC System with Power Supply" is everything you need to power your layout with DCC!

Drawing Below shows how to expand your Power Cab 2 Amp System using additional UTP's for additional Cab.

"An Entire 2 Amp DCC System & Power Supply"