Blue Point Turnout - Power Routed - 10 Pack - SPECIAL ORDER NOW!

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Save when you purchase either 5 or 10 Pack Quantity

Electrical contracts and positive point locking - there is no motor - for those hard to get to places on the layout

Easy Under Benchwork Mounting

Dual Attach Point for Fascia Controls

Locking Slider Adjust tension and throw

Turnout Throw Wire Included

2 sets of electrical contracts to power frog and accessories
The electrical contacts on the bottom of the Blue Point are DPDT (double pole-double throw) contacts rated at 5Amp.

You can use these to change the polarity of the frog, control signals, or anthing else you can think of.

Installation Instructions Included

DPDT electrical points are accessible on the bottom of the turnout control unit - Bottom

Blue Point Turnout for HO/HOn3/Sn3/On3